Matthew Palladino

19 Oct - 18 Nov 2017



AISHONANZUKA is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “PLASTIC/PAPER” by American artist Matthew Palladino (b.1985) from 19th October to 18th November, 2017. We are pleased to have his first exhibition in Hong Kong and Asia.

Born in San Francisco in 1985, Mattew Palladino studied painting at the California College of the Arts. He lives and works in New York. He has had solo exhibitions at Eli Ridgway Gallery (2011, San Francisco, America), Garth Greenan Gallery (2014, New York, America) and Retrospective Gallery (2015, Hudson, America). His work was acquired by the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Matthew Palladino continues his exploration of his two main practices: watercolor painting on paper and tree dimensional sculptural reliefs.

In The Plastic series, Palladino continues to explore relief works, a space that exist between painting and sculpture. Inspired by ancient hand carved reliefs as well as mass produced plastic products, the new series follows along the aesthetics of his earlier relief works, having an appearance of vacuum formed plastic. Despite the mass produced appearance, the reliefs are hand finished and meticulously hand painted, each a one of a kind. For this most recent series, the classic mold making process that was used in previous reliefs has been replace with computer aided design programs, as well as 3D scanning and additive manufacturing techniques, thus allowing for new possibilities to explore and push the structure beyond the capabilities of older methods.

In The Paper series, Palladino introduces the viewer to a set of characters as they move through an unending nighttime backdrop. The skeleton, acting as a universal human character, wanders through a lush underworld accompanied by two guides in canine form. The ever present full moon watches down on the three as they search through this unknowable purgatory. The pieces are hand painted on cold pressed watercolor paper with a mix of watercolor and ink, without the use of masking fluid or tape.

The exhibition features a selection of approximately 10 recent works, including watercolor painting and tree dimensional sculptural reliefs. An opening reception with the artist in attendance will be held on 19th October from 5pm. We look forward to seeing you at our gallery and hope you enjoy the show.

AISHONANZUKA 將於2017年10月19日至11月18日舉行名為《PLASTIC/PAPER》的個人展覽,是次為美國藝術家 Matthew Palladino (b.1985) 於香港及亞洲的首次展覽。

Matthew Palladino,1985年生於美國三藩市,曾於加州藝術大學主修繪畫,現於紐約居住及工作。曾於2011年美國三藩市 Eli Ridgway Gallery,2014年美國紐約 Garth Greenan Gallery 及 2015年於Retrospective Gallery 舉辦個人展覽。其作品為惠特尼美國藝術博物館所收藏。

Palladino 一直探索兩種媒介-三維浮雕及水彩紙本繪畫的可能性。在《The Plastic》系列中,Palladino繼續以浮雕形式,開拓繪畫與雕塑之間的空間。受到古代手刻浮雕和現今大量塑膠製品的啟發,Palladino 以其早期浮雕創作為美學基礎,發展出真空形態的塑膠作品;他的作品看似大量生產,其實每一份都是全由藝術家人手完成並且上色。最新的系列不再沿用傳統倒模工序完成,而改以電腦設計程式和三維素描配以工業技術製作,新嘗試的創作方式令作品打破了舊有模式對結構塑造的界限。

Palladino在《The Paper》系列則帶領觀者跟隨畫中主角在無盡的黑夜行走。扮演人類的骷髏與兩犬類漫遊在繁茂的地下世界,滿月下他們仨在未知的煉獄中探索。此系列以水彩及墨水繪畫在冷壓水彩紙上,並無使用遮蓋液與膠紙。





Exhibition view