Kazuki Umezawa
neo X death

19 May - 16 Jun 2018



AISHO NANZUKA is pleased to announce Kazuki Umezawa, a Japanese artist of his first solo exhibition “neo X death” in Hong Kong.

Kabuki Umezawa was born in Saitama, Japan in 1985. He now works and lives in Tokyo, Japan. Kazuki Umezawa draws international attention with the style of drawing a huge digital collage using a lot of images of characters gathered from the Internet and draws the "landscape (scenery) of the Internet".
He creates chaotic and apocalyptic images by assembling vast amounts of gaming references, manga, and anime images that he has found on the Internet. His works have already spread internationally, mainly in museums and art centers, including the United States, China, Taiwan, and Korea. At the same time, he is a core member of the art group "Chaos*lounge"(art trio leading member of Kazuki Umezawa, Yohei Kurose, Uso Fujishiro), activities are also being developed to ask questions on how artificial communication on the Internet visualized and bloated by SNS influences in contemporary art.

“neo X death" in the exhibition title comes from the last boss "Neo Exdeath" in Japan's famous video game. "Neo Exdeath" can be read as "Neo" X "death" which recreates the new meaning of "New Death". The idea came from his background. The artist has a strong sense of life and death during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2013, and Umezawa says it has come to think strongly about the character and image life and death at the same time as in the real world. The act of asking images and characters for life and death is also an act of trying to get rid of fiction and reality walls. His works will open the entrance to the new world beyond reality and fiction in the modern era obviously when many people took a lot of time in the Internet world as it is said to be "Smartphone zombie" you can clearly see the act of doing from his works.

The exhibition will present 10 new works, including on a large scale of painting exceeding over 3 meters. Please join our reception party on May 19th. The artist will be presenting at the gallery. We would be pleased if you would like to visit the exhibition. Thank you.

Cooperation : cashi

この度、アイショウナンヅカでは日本人アーティスト、梅沢和木の香港初めてとなります個展「neo X death」を開催いたします。


展覧会タイトルにある「neo X death」は日本の有名なテレビゲームにいるラスボス「Neo Exdeath」から由来しています。そして「Neo Exdeath」は「Neo」X 「death」”新しい死”と読み替えることができます。その背景には作家が2013年の東日本大震災の際に、強く意識した生死感があり、また梅沢は現実の世界と同様にキャラクターや画像の生死についても同時に強く考えるようになったと言います。





Exhibition view