Hajime Sorayama

3 Feb - 3 Mar 2018



AISHONANZUKA is pleased to present the exhibition of japanese legendary illustrator Hajime Sorayama (1947-) in Hong Kong.
Sorayama graduated from Chubi Central Art School in Tokyo in 1969 and first spent some time working with an advertising company. Since 1972 when he became a freelance, he has been a legendary artist armed with his astounding reali metallicity stic techniques. His works of female images, pursuing of robot and eroticism are well known both inside and outside of Japan. This reputation was initially established in 1978 with the work series entitled “Sexy Robot”, which shocked people throughout the world for his artful depictions of sensual metallic qualities and reflected light. In 1999, he won both the Good Design Grand Prize from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Media Arts Festival Grand Prize from the Agency from Cultural Affairs for his work with Sony on the concept design for their entertainment robot AIBO. In 2001, Sorayama received another prize for this invention, this time from the Asahi newspaper, and in this same year the 1st generation AIBO was added to the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institute and the Museum of Modern Art. As if that weren’t enough, the internationally famous rock band Aerosmith collaborated with Sorayama on the artwork for the cover of their 2001 album Just Push Play.

He has won respect from artists worldwide as one of the Godfather of airbrush painting. Sorayama says, “In pursuit of hyper-realism, I use the airbrush in a way that naturally depicts minute details of human skin, lips, eyeballs, hair, even individual body hair, or the feel of leather or silk clothes, the metallicity of the robot, the reflection of light...” Regarding the possibilities of realistic painting, he has said, “I can make characters with acrobatic postures, which is absolutely impossible with photographs, or costumes that don’t exist in reality. In addition, I can modify the body freely even which is not anatomically correct, or composite to a beautiful woman according to my taste.” Surely we can say that through his insatiable pursuit of aesthetic sense, he has generated something new.

This exhibition will display 7 excellent canvas print works selected from most famous recently works and Hajime Sorayama BE@RBRICKs 400%/1000%.

AISHONANZUKA 將會在香港舉行日本傳奇插畫藝術家空山基(1947-)的個人展覽。

空山基於1969年畢業於東京中央美術學園,其後在廣告公司工作,自1972年起成為自由工作者,開始創作驚人的精細描繪金屬技巧繪畫。他繪畫的女性結合了機械人和情慾,聞名於日本與海外。1978年他因名為「性感機械人」一系列作品聲名漸起,人們都被畫中的金屬質感和反光的細緻描繪所震撼。1999年他爲索尼所構思設計的娛樂型機器人AIBO贏得文化廳媒體藝術祭大獎,並於2001年因此發明而得到由朝日新聞所頒發的獎項;同年,第一代AIBO成為了史密森尼學會及現代藝術博物館的永久收藏。國際知名搖滾樂隊史密斯飛船更在2001年的專輯 “Just Push Play” 以空山基作品為封面。


是次展覽將會展出藝術家近期最受歡迎作品中的7幅印刷布本以及空山基 BE@RBRICKs 400% 及1000% ,




Exhibition view