“Hidden Body
7 Jan - 4 Feb 2017
opening reception : 7 Jan 5-8pm

CHAN Suet Yi
Bosco LAW Ka Nam
LING Pui Sze
Stanley SHUM Kwan Hon



AISHONANZUKA is pleased to present a new exhibition, “Hidden Body”. A group exhibition of five Hong Kong artists running from 7th January to 4th February, 2017. The artists including CHAN Suet Yi, CHEUNG Tsz Hin, Bosco LAW Ka Lam, LING Pui Sze and Stanley SHUM Kwan Hon. Born in the late 80s they share similar awareness and dissatisfaction as they grow up in the same era. In this exhibition, each artist is bringing their unique perspectives on “Hidden Body” while reflecting the sense of powerlessness they went through in life.

With a strong attraction to the atmosphere of stillness and movement, CHAN Suet Yi recreates such aura in paintings and drawings with unknown landscapes and spontaneous events. For all these stories behind the images, there is no specific time, space and meaning. CHAN also concerns with the marks left by human activities in the cities and the natures. The stories existed in the past could only be rebuilt through one’s imaginations.

Daily life and found images are incorporated in CHEUNG Tsz Hin's works. CHEUNG considers collecting and examining the everyday lives of oneself and others provide clues for one to live with patience and calm, like the game of hide-and-seek. Through selecting, empathizing and tampering, he uses painting to build the experiences in life.
The work of Bosco LAW Ka Nam is concerned with individuality and self-awareness. He makes detailed drawings that combine elements of the natural world and the imaginary, and the place in the sub- consciousness where the two overlap. His work has certain parallels with automatic writing in which the text comes not from the conscious mind but from some subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source.

LING Pui Sze presents the abstract natural phenomena through three dimensional sculptural collages. Concerning the laws in nature and the relationship among people, she creates organisms as her imagination on how to break through dilemmas hidden in the passive statuses. Shifting between the role of controlling and being controlled is similar to the surviving game in biosphere.

Stanley SHUM Kwan Hon repeats his black strokes again and again to accumulate a weight of disturbance for his subjective matters, which reveals a "Half-lost" state of mind in which spirit is constrained in quietness. Hinting the astray of an individual or community by virtue of the declining of basic values and ethnic principles is rampant in nowadays society, his artistic imageries symbolize the innuendos of power, worship and cultural sentiments.
There will be a reception party on 7th January at 5pm with the artists in present. Our sincerest anticipation in seeing you all at the exhibition.

AISHONANZUKA 將於⼆零⼀七年⼀⽉七⽇⾄⼆⽉四⽇舉辦名為 《Hidden Body》的聯展,當中展出五名80年代末出⽣的⾹港藝術家包括陳雪兒、張⼦軒、羅家南、凌佩詩和沈軍翰的作品。相同時代的⽣活及成⻑令他們所感相通,展覽將呈現出各⼈對「Hidden Body」的不同詮釋,藉以反映藝術家曾經歷過的無⼒感。










CHAN Suet Yi 陳雪兒

Born in Guangdong China in 1987 and moved to Hong Kong in 1997. She graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honour in 2012. Since 2013, Berlin becomes her artistic base, besides living and working in Germany, she is also actively participating in numerous of exhibitions and artist in residency programs in different European countries such as Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. Her solo exhibitions include: “About Ears, About Birds” (Nannuoshan, Berlin, Germany, 2015), “In the Middle of Nowhere” (Berlin, Germany, 2015). Her recent joint exhibitions include: “ ID New Talent Day” (A Trans, Cologne Arts Biennale New Talents, Cologne, Germany, 2016) and “ I Was Wondering About A Noise” (Muster-Meier Contemporary Fine Art & Projects, Bern, Switzerland, 2015).

1987年⽣於中國廣東,1997年移居⾹港。2012年畢業於⾹港中⽂⼤學藝術系,獲藝術榮譽學⼠。她⾃2013年 始旅居德國柏林。期間多次參與歐洲各地展覽及藝術家駐留計劃等。作品在⾹港,德國,⻄班⽛,荷蘭和瑞⼠ ⼠等地均有展出。個⼈展覽包括: 《About Ears, About Birds》( Nannuoshan, 柏林,德國,2016)及《In the Middle of Nowhere》(柏林,德國,2015)等;曾參與聯展包括:《 ID New Talent Day》(A Trans, Cologne Arts Biennale New Talents,科隆,德國,2016)及《 I Was Wondering About A Noise》(MusterMeier Contemporary Fine Art & Projects, 伯恩,瑞⼠,2016)等。



CHEUNG Tsz Hin 張⼦軒

Born in Hong Kong in 1987, he received a M.F.A degree from the Department of Fine Arts in Taipei National University in 2014. His recent exhibitions include: “Fotanian: Art on Road” (Hong Kong, 2015), “After Some Serious Dinner Meetings” (100ft. Park, Hong Kong, 2015) and “Lives on a Drifting Boundary” (TNUA, Taipei, 2014).

1987年⽣於⾹港,2014年畢業於臺北國⽴藝術⼤學,獲美術學系碩⼠。近期參與展覽包括︰《Fotanian: Art on Road》(⾹港,2015)、《⼀些認真晚餐會議後 》(百呎公園,⾹港,2015)及《飄盪邊界的⽣活》 (臺北國⽴藝術⼤學,臺北,2014)等。



Bosco LAW Ka Nam 羅家南

Born in Hong Kong in 1989. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012 with a major in Fine Arts. His recent exhibitions include: “→” (Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, 2016) and “Back to the Future” (Catstreet Gallery, Hong Kong, 2016). He has been actively participated in numerous of art fairs including the Art Basel and Art Central in Hong Kong, Art Taipei in Taiwan and Asia Hotel Art Fair in Korea.

1989年⽣於⾹港,2012年畢業於⾹港中⽂⼤學藝術系。近期參與展覽包括︰《→》(刺點畫廊,⾹港, 2016)及《回到過去》(貓街畫廊,⾹港,2016)等。他亦曾多次參與不同國家的藝術博覽會包括⾹港巴塞 爾藝術博覽會,⾹港Art Central,台北藝術博覽會及韓國亞洲酒店藝術博覽會。



LING Pui Sze 凌佩詩

Born in Guangzhou China in 1989 and moved to Hong Kong in 1997. In 2012, she graduated in fine arts (BFA) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, receiving the Wucius Wong Creative Ink Painting Award at graduation. Her solo exhibitions include: "It all begins in the Sea" (Gallery Exit, Hong Kong, 2014) and "Metamorphosis" (Ch’ien Mu Library, CUHK, Hong Kong, 2012). Her recent joint exhibitions include: “→” (Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, 2016) and "12 Unlimited" (Haohaus Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2015).

1989年⽣於中國廣州,1997年移居⾹港,2012年畢業於⾹港中⽂⼤學藝術系,曾獲⺩無邪⽔墨創作獎。曾於 台灣參與藝術家駐留計劃;個⼈展覽包括:《⼀切由海洋開始》(安全⼝畫廊,⾹港,2014)及《變態》 (⾹港中⽂⼤學新亞書院錢穆圖書館,2012);曾參與的聯展有《→》(刺點畫廊,⾹港,2016)及《拾貳‧ 不設限》(好思當代‧新⽵,台灣,2015)等。



Stanley SHUM Kwan Hon 沈軍翰

Born in Hong Kong in 1989. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong with first class honor in 2013, receiving the Best Student from Each Concentration Award - Visual Arts (HKBU) and Cheung’s Fine Arts Award-Western Painting at graduation. His solo exhibitions include: “Emptiness – The Black Scene by Stanley Shum” (Compton Art Gallery, Hong Kong, 2015) and “Solo - Yip, Shum, Ho, Hung” (Hui Gallery, CUHK, Hong Kong, 2013). His recent joint exhibitions include: “Nurturing Creativity” (The Exchange Square, Hong Kong, 2016) and “Critical Existentialism” (Hong Kong Visual Art Center, Hong Kong, 2015).

1989年⽣於⾹港。2013年獲⾹港中⽂⼤學藝術系,獲⼀級榮譽學⼠,曾獲獎項包括:⾹港浸會⼤學專科最佳 學⽣獎(視覺藝術)及⾹港中⽂⼤學張⽒創作獎等。個⼈展覽包括: 《⿊⾊圖景》(Compton Art Gallery, ⾹港,2015)及《個展》(⾹港中⽂⼤學新亞書院許⽒⽂化館,⾹港,2013);曾參與聯展包括《Nurturing Creativity》(中環交易廣場,⾹港,2016)及《存在思覺》(⾹港視覺藝術中⼼,⾹港,2015)等。




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