Lam Hoi Sin, Ko Sin Tung, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Shuhei Yamada
9 May - 6 Jun 2015



AISHONANZUKA is pleased to present a new exhibition, “GoldenEyes”, a group exhibition with two Hong Kong-based artists and two Japanese artists.
Their new body of work is based on found photography which is transformed into a different level of art.
In this exhibition, the artists shared the same idea of “Found Photography”, however, each artist is presenting expression in their own unique way and lining up their work on the wall brings different perspectives and ideas.
We focus on constructing a newer image of work and process and pushing a boundary of possibility of expressions.

AISHONANZUKA 將會舉行名為 “GoldenEyes” 的聯展,當中展出兩名香港本地藝術家及兩名日本藝術家的作品。
他們的作品都是基於 “Found Photography” 轉化為不同層次的藝術。四位藝術家雖均用 “Found Photography” 創作,但他們都各自用獨特的方法表達不同的想法和觀點。

This exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Gallery Exit.


Ko Sin Tung 高倩彤

Ko Sin Tung was born in 1987, and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts (BA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009. She lives and works in Hong Kong. Using various media including painting, video and digital print, Ko reflects on the private state of living and its relationship with the city through her practice.
Recently she has organized a book project "after/image" (Pure Art Foundation, Hong Kong, 2015). Other exhibitions she once participated include: "Invisible Light" (Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong, 2015), "The 2nd ‘CAFAM · Future’ Exhibition" (CAFA Museum, Beijing, 2015), "Never odd or eveN" (Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, 2014), "A Closed Room" (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, 2014).

LAM Hoi Sin 林愷倩

Lam Hoi Sin (b. 1986, Hong Kong) focused on Internet cultivation in past years. Besides
themed blogs and online delivery of contextualised contents, participated physical
exhibitions include Shampoo Whatever #1 (2014), Ten Million Rooms of Yearning. Sex in
Hong Kong (2014), The Personal and the Political (2013), The Crap Show (2012), and
Interpretation (2011). Media include readymade, installation, and drawing.

Yoshihiro Kikuchi 菊地良博

b.1980 Miyagi Japan, Live and works in Miyagi and Tokyo.A selection of Yoshihiro Kikuchi's recent exhibitions "Ethical Split/Aesrhetic Void" AISHONANZUKA, HongKong (2013), "Nullized Layers Inside The Institutional Coverups 1" AISHO MIURA ARTS, Tokyo, Japan (2012), "New City Art Fair" hpgrp gallery NY, New York, USA (2012), "GROUPSHOW3" AISHO MIURA ARTS, Tokyo, Japan (2011), "Observations of Institutional spectrum" AISHO MIURA ARTS, Tokyo, Japan (2011), and "GROUPSHOW2" AISHO MIURA ARTS, Tokyo, Japan (2010).

Shuhei Yamada 山田周平

A seletion of Shuhei Yamada's recent exhibitions "X" AISHONANZUKA, Hong Kong(2014), "It is documented" The Armory Show, Curated section Armory Focus:USA. Under the curatorial vision of Eric Shiner, New York, USA(2013), “It is documented” AISHO MIURA ARTS, Tokyo, Japan(2012), “OCCUPY” CAPSULE, Tokyo, Japan (2012), “GHOST” AISHO MIURA ARTS, Tokyo, Japan (2012), “DAY FOR NIGHT” ART TAIPEI, Taipei, Taiwan (2011), “Untitled” Kaikaikiki nakanobroadway gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2010), "Illusion/Reality" EMERSON Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2010).


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