Shinji Ogawa
21 Mar - 23 Apr 2016

Shinji Ogawa main new.jpg
Antwerp-Geneva2 / 2014-15 / 110×150cm / pencil on paper


AISHONANZUKA presents Shinji Ogawa’s first major solo exhibition ‘Mirror’ in Hong Kong.

Ogawa’s pencil works attracted a great deal of attention from the art world in his solo show at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 so that all the works were sold out on the VIP preview day.This exhibition offers mainly the works which are much larger in scale than Ogawa’s past works including about ten new pencil works displayed to the public for the first time.

Ogawa has consistently dealt with the theme that “What is the world?” and “What is the meaning of space and time for us?” In this exhibition ‘Mirror’
Ogawa presents contradictory ideas and images in one screen at the same time such as “Same, but different”, “Symmetry, but asymmetry”, “One, but two” and so on. There is unintentionally depicted an ambitious vision which shakes our consciousness, awareness and logic themselves and includes lots of cognitive-scientific mystery.

Ogawa’s art pieces are all drawn with only pencils on paper. Viewers would be attracted by Ogawa’s unique concept which is represented on the precise and tranquil black-and-white screen.

A reception party will be held on 21st March with a presence of the artist. We are sincerely looking forward to you visiting our gallery.

Cooperated by STANDING PINE

AISHONANZUKA 將會在香港舉辦小川信治的首次個人展覽《Mirror》。






Art Basel Hong Kong 2013のSolo Showで小川の鉛筆画作品はVIP previewで完売するという圧倒的人気を誇り美術業界に大きな話題を呼びました。今回は、従来の小川作品のスケールを大きく超える大作を中心に、大好評の鉛筆画 約10点を初公開します。






Biography / CV

Shinji Ogawa 小川信治
Born in 1959 in Yamaguchi, Japan.
Studied at Mie University, diploma in 1983 from Art Department, Faculty of Education.
Lives and works in Nagoya.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 Chiba City Museum of Art, Chiba (planned for fall)
2015 Shinji Ogawa "Secret Mirror", STANDING PINE, Nagoya
2013 Shinji Ogawa Solo Show, Art Basel Hong Kong
2008 Perverse Realism , Bunkier Sztuki,Krakow,Poland
2006 Shinji Ogawa - Interfering Worlds, The National Museum of Art, Osaka
2005 Conversation Piece, Nagoya University Museum, Nagoya
2002 Souvenir / Souverain, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota (planned for fall)
2015 Logical Emotion, Contemporary Art from Japan Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland
2014 Currents, Japanese Contemporary Art The James Christie Room, Hong Kong
2012 The Allure of the Collection The National Museum of Art, Osaka
2011 The Eyes of Twelve Artists Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo
   History in Art Museum of contemporary art in krakow, Poland
2010 150ème anniversaire de la création de《l'Angélus》Barbizon,France
2008 Behind the seen: secrets of artistic creation, Komaba Museum, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo
2007 Line Labyrinthine 2: Graphite on Paper, Megro Museum of Art, Tokyo
2004 Light Boxes Dark Rooms, De Pree Art Center and Gallery, Hope College, Holland, MI, U.S.A
   The Copy Age – From Duchamp through Warhol to Morimura, The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga
2002 In the 20 Century, Art Recognizes its Emptiness, Hiratsuka City Museum of Art, Kanagawa
2000 A Vacant Space, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi

Works in Collections
MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland
Takamatsu city museum of Art, Kagawa
Tokyo Station Gallery,Tokyo
Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow,Poland
Okazaki Mindscape Museum, Aichi
The National Museum Art, Osaka
The Museum Modern Art, Shiga
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
Tokai City


Shinji Ogawa main new.jpgShinji Ogawa/Venice 1/2014/Pencil on Paper/57.6×76.5cm-1.jpgShinji Ogawa/Venice 2/2014/Pencil on Paper/57.6×76.5cm-1.jpgShinji-Ogawa_Rondo3_2015_Pencil-on-Paper_102.5×66.5cm.jpgShinji Ogawa/Barcelona/2009/Pencil on Paper/81.2×65.0cm.jpg